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Block 2 (Biology): BUZZ and the Honeybees

Topic The fascinating world of the Honeybees
Target group Primary education
Estimated time 90 minutes
Summary This book will tell you many interesting and important things about this superorganism. It will also help yout to understand why we humans should pay close attention to honeybees and their welfare.
"SUMMS und die Honigbienen - BUZZ and the Honeybees"

The first ten chapters of this bilingual (German and English) book  

with lots of photos can be read online here.

Please click onto the book cover.

This option was given by Schlauberger publisher specifically to HOBOS.


Block 3 (Biology): Get to Know Wild Bees – A Comparison with Honeybees

© Author: Kristina Vonend

Topic Get to Know Wild Bees – A Comparison with Honeybees
Target group Primary school (years 1 – 4)
Estimated time 45 minutes
Summary In primary school lessons, honeybees are presented as a topic in combination with their environment and their importance for both nature and humans (pollination, honey production). This lesson idea entails the comparison of wild bees to the honeybee. What are wild bees? What do they look like? Where do they live and where are their nests? What differences and similarities do they have compared to honeybees?
A hornfaced mason bee (photo: Antje Wicke)



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