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Livestreams Beehive Wuerzburg - HOBOS shutdown at Wuerzburg

Due to construction work, the HOBOS site Wuerzburg will stop delivering livestreams and live data starting July 1st, 2015 until further notice. 

Video and measured data archives are not affected. Our site at Bad Schwartau can still be used without any restrictions, regarding live and historic data.

We keep you updated on the progress, please visit www.hobos.eu regularly. Thank you for your understanding!



Aufzeichnung vom 20.04.2018 der Kamera Stockeingang in Würzburg

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Wherever bees fly, caterpillars are severely disturbed, eating up to 70 percent less leaf mass in those areas.


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The large majority of our honeybees’ lives takes place in secret. Bustling air traffic can be observed throughout the day at the...

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