HOBOS HOneyBee Online Studies



As of August 2014 there are two HOBOS stations,

  • The "original" HOBOS station at the University of Würzburg and     
  • A new station in Bad Schwartau at the facilities of the company Schwartauer Werke, which is not equipped with all of the same measuring options from the original station.




Measurements are recorded and saved by both stations and can be accessed online. Not all measurements are available at each station.

The Schwartau station does not have any measurements from before August 2014. There are only temperature sensors located in comb alleys 1, 4-8 and 11. In addition, the station records the hive temperature, the humidity inside the hive, the hive weight, and the number of arrivals and departures. There is no environmental monitoring station in Bad Schwartau.


Measurements from the Würzburg station


Measurements from the Schwartauer Werke station


You can also use the new option for comparing measurements from both stations in a single chart! To do this, select both Würzburg and Schwartau. 


You can find detailed information on the sensors here.