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What do you think about HOBOS?
„HOBOS appears as an important device to let students and scientists, but also curious lovers of honeybees, enter inside the hive superorganism.“ (Prof. Stefano Turrilazzi, Zoologe, Universität Florenz, Italien)

Screenshot Chart 12.11.2011 bis 13.2.2012

Red curve: Total weight of the HOBOS-Colony. Blue curve: Air temperature in the vicinity of the hive. Green curve: Air temperature between combs number five and six. HOBOS has much more data to offer, either online or from the data-storage.

Honeybees, superstars for teaching


Honeybees are important and highly interesting animals. Their lives as superorganisms in colonies are complex and inspire a wealth of questions and challenges which can be explored through teaching.
This beneficial insect offers many options to pursue interdisciplinary projects. Honeybees and HOBOS serve as an excellent means of making multiple links between different fields of study.

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