HOBOS HOneyBee Online Studies


Teaching Materials: High School

Until further notice, teaching materials will only be offered for the subjects Biology and Mathematics.

The HOBOS project's stated objective is to offer all target groups didactic material:

  • Primary education (ISCED Level 1)
  • Secondary education first stage (ISCED Level 2)
  • Secondary education second stage (ISCED Level 3)

The teaching material is designed for the following time frames:

  • One lesson (i.e. 45 min.)
  • Two lessons
  • Four lessons
  • Project week 

We offer two methodical didactic drafts for your purposes. There are materials available for lessons that focus either on the teacher or on the students. If you decide to give a less time-consuming lesson or want to present complex facts, you may want to go with the first option. There, you will find excellent pictures and videos free of charge. The latter is proposed for an especially motivating lesson in which the students work on their own with the living HOBOS honeybee colony on the computer. 

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