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Milestones: Schools meet HOBOS

Teachers aim to offer appropriate school teaching. Parents and students want to rely on good teaching that is gripping and has a practical attitude conveying exactly that knowledge that is demanded tomorrow. The platform for teaching and learning HOBOS online - the medium of our times - is perfectly suited to convey integral and vivid knowledge now and in the future. And not only talking about honeybees.

HOBOS offers teachers and students to discover the manifold world of the bees without getting stung. HOBOS tries to attract the students' curiosity for nature, science and research. Especially learning via the Internet and the live character is appealing to them.

What has already been put into practice in schools by HOBOS can be found by clicking on the according pictures. 

HOBOS at Deutschhaus High School (Würzburg)
Deutschhaus Gymnasium (Würzburg)
HOBOS at Wolffskeel-School (Würzburg)
Egbert-Gymnasium der Benediktiner (Münsterschwarzach)
HOBOS at Egbert-High School (Benediktiner Münsterschwarzach)
Grund- und Hauptschule (Eystrup)
HOBOS at School (Eystrup)
Wolffskeel-Realschule (Würzburg)
HOBOS at Ernestinum High School (Gotha)
Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium (Würzburg)
Gymnasium Ernestinum (Gotha)
Martin-Pollich-Gymnasium (Mellrichstadt)
Gymnasium Höchstadt an der Aisch (Höchstadt an der Aisch)
Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium (Dülmen)

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