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The first thing two-year old Alia does each morning is ask for the bee book. (Antje Roitzsch, Maine, USA)

Block 1 (Biology): BUZZ and the Honeybees

Topic The Fascinating World of the Honeybees
Target group Kindergarten
Estimated time 90 minutes
Summary This illustrated children’s book introduces children, in an age-appropriate language, to the fascinating world of the honeybee. HOBOS, the bee spy, helps to provide answers to the children’s specific questions.
Vorlesebuch zweisprachig "SUMMS und die Honigbienen - BUZZ and the Honeybees"

The fist ten chapters of this bilingual (German and English) book filled  

with lots of colorful photos can be read online and can also be read out loud.

Please click on the book cover or click here.

This option was made possible by the publishing company "Schlauberger Verlag" especially for HOBOS.


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