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HRH Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan is part of the royal house of Jordan and champions the HOBOS project in the public since 2011, especially at the international level

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The charitable Gerhard and Ellen Zeidler-Foundation was founded in 1994 by the couple Zeidler. The Foundation exclusively promotes nature conservation and animal welfare, particularly realized by the financial support of animal welfare associations, animal sanctuaries and zoological gardens. In doing so, institutions with a preferably close relation to the Foundation’s office Waldkraiburg are given preference.




Klett Verlag

The publishing house "Ernst Klett Verlag" is situated in Stuttgart with further branches in Leipzig, Gotha and Dortmund and is one of Germany's biggest publishers of educational material. Its program includes not only schoolbooks, but also a broad variety of educational and learning material, such as dictionaries, maps and educational software for all school grades and types. There is material for teachers, students and adults wanting further education, as well as material for self-study. The "Ernst Klett Verlag" is part of Stuttgart's Klett Group. With 59 different companies at 40 locations and in 17 countries, the Klett Group is Germany's leading company for educational material.  


Promega - science, research and beyond. Founded in 1978, what started as the production of enzymes for researchers has evolved to offering over 2,000 products for a broad array of applications including basic research, drug discovery, forensics and paternity testing, and hospital and clinic-based diagnostics.


Sartorius is an internationally provider of solutions especially for weighing, measuring and automation technology in the lab. For 140 years the Göttingen-based company Sartorius has stood for trust, quality and innovation in the laboratory, currently employing over 4,500 employees. The major areas of technology in its biotechnology segment focus on filtration, fluid management, fermentation, purification and laboratory applications. The mechatronics segment primarily manufactures devices and systems for weighing, measuring and automation technology for laboratory and industrial use. Precision balances, microbalances, industrial scales, silo scales, gold scales, carat scales and dynamic control scales are just a few of the company’s products. Sortorius' most important clients come from the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and from many research and education institutions of the public sector. Sartorius has production sites in Europe, Asia and America as well as sales subsidiaries and local commercial agencies in more than 110 countries.  


Tecnopedia ist die Mitmach-Plattform der IHKs. Spielerisch wissenschaftlich Experimente im Unterricht einsetzen und MINT-Begeisterung wecken. Getreu dem Motto „Technik macht Schule“ bietet Tecnopedia verschiedene Experimente, Lehrmaterial und MINT-Angebote für den praxisorientierten und spannenden Unterricht in Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik an.

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