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Studying a living organism, made easy

HOBOS is a perfect partner for studying biology. With HOBOS one can go live into a bee colony. During lectures, students can follow certain topics in real time. Seminars and labs can gain from HOBOS data. HOBOS guarantees reliable access to the bee colony. Because all data are stored, the user can operate independent of weather, time of the year, or time of the day. Students can collect HOBOS material for their own scientific projects.

Work interdisciplinary

The data from HOBOS are suitable for interdisciplinary use. One can explore aspects of mathematics, including statistics, geometry and their graphical translation. Sociologists studying behavior, economists applying optimization models, physicists investigating bionics, chemists exploring material science, and historians can find material for teaching their disciplines.

Latest News:


Column of Juergen Tautz: Bees as pest controllers

Wherever bees fly, caterpillars are severely disturbed, eating up to 70 percent less leaf mass in those areas.


Column of Juergen Tautz: Observation hives – Windows into life inside a bee colony

The large majority of our honeybees’ lives takes place in secret. Bustling air traffic can be observed throughout the day at the...

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