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Opportunities & Applications

HOBOS is a gateway to a honeybee colony and its environment. Numerous possibilities for observing the bees' behavior and important measured values from within the hive are provided as well as measuring data for the climate, soil, and vegetation in the honeybee colony's direct environment.  Storing all of the data over a period of several years allows not alone a very well detailed observation but also the ability to discover and follow long-term trends of complex relations between the superorganism and its environment.

Opportunities for working with HOBOS


  1. Simple observation of the live-camera broadcast or recalling stored recordings.
  2. Following the data streams of the honeybee colony, of the weather, plants and soil.
  3. Any imaginable analysis of previously recorded events you can think of.

While working with HOBOS, the user can come up with any idea and include it in an exercise or resort to using the project proposals of HOBOS.

Studying the honeybee colony and its inner-workings allows for an excellent introduction into non-biological subject areas.  This reveals how artificial boundaries between science subjects in a continuous world really are and points out the necessity of looking beyond those boundaries.  The honeybee is made for interdisciplinary teaching and should have been invented for it if it didn't already exist.

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