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Live Weather in Wuerzburg - HOBOS shutdown at Wuerzburg

Due to construction work, the HOBOS site Wuerzburg will stop delivering livestreams and live data starting July 1st, 2015 until further notice. 

Video and measured data archives are not affected. Our site at Bad Schwartau can still be used without any restrictions, regarding live and historic data.

We keep you updated on the progress, please visit www.hobos.eu regularly. Thank you for your understanding!

Environmental Measurement Station

Environmental measurement station I
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Environmental conditions are extremely important for the HOBOS project.

That is why a large spectrum of environmental conditions are captured by the environmental measurement station and other measuring devices, presented online and additionally recorded.

This image shows the entire measuring station, comprised of the measurement station (12) and a flash light detector (13). 


12. Weather station
13. Flash light detector


Environmental measurement station II
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This image shows details of our measuring methodology. We use various measuring devices for soil humidity, air pressure, temperature, air humidity, insolation, precipitation, humidity of the leaves, dampness of the leaves (17) and wind (18). The data are recorded for our data logger (16). Our metrology utilizes of a stand-alone power supply.



14. 3x soil humidity sensors
15. Power supply
16. Data logger
17. Sensor phalanx 2 meters high; corresponds to the international standard requirements for metrological measuring (air pressure, temperature, air humidity, insolation, precipitation, leaf dampness)
18. Wind sensor 5 meters high