HOBOS HOneyBee Online Studies


Livestreams from the Beehives

As of August 2014 there are two HOBOS stations:

- The "original" HOBOS station at the University of Würzburg and

- A new station in Bad Schwartau at the facilities of the company Schwartauer Werke, which is not equipped with all of the same measuring options from the original station.

There are live videos from both stations:

In Schwartau

- The hive entrance

- The brood box

Additionally in Würzburg

- The hive floor

- The hive entrance as live thermographic photos

- Sound is only available in the Würzburg hive

The livestreams are now responsive, meaning that the videos can now be watched on mobile devices as well.

All of the video data are saved, both the time-lapse photos and the raw data (approx. 50TB per year)

Live videos from Würzburg                Live videos from Schwartauer Werke

The Structure of the Beehives

Please click on the video to find out more about the structure of the beehives in Würzburg and Schwartau. In principle, the structure is the same at both locations.