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More than 20 million visitors are expected at the EXPO. This year, technology, innovation, culture, tradition and creativity will be united with the topic of food. Due to new global scenarios and arising problems, the focus of this world exhibition will be on the right of all human beings to healthy and sufficient food. Since honeybees have a decisive impact on these events all around the world, HOBOS will also be represented at the EXPO.
Do you have a passion for massive sets of data? This year the biology workshop at the summer academy in South Tyrol is characterized by HOBOS, the HOney Bee Online Studies. The workshop is aimed at students with talent and motivation from the grades nine through eleven. To enroll, please contact a teacher.
06/23/2012 10:00
University of Würzburg, Neue Universität Audimax Sanderring
On Saturday June 23, 2012, Prof. Jürgen Tautz will present his bee project to primary school students. Every child in Germany knows Maya the Bee, but can we track the honeybee in her hive and see her on the computer screen in real life as well? Yes, we can. The Internet portal HOBOS allows students to look at real bees in their hive and in the air and gives them a chance to learn from them.
Professor Jürgen Tautz will present his innovative school project at "Market of Opportunities" using the motto “The Flying Classroom of Professor Tautz” (based on the popular German book "Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer"). Every student can log into a real honeybee hive via the Internet and learn from the small creatures in an interdisciplinary way. Prof. Tautz will address his background information about the practical aspect of using HOBOS in schools especially to teachers and will encourage...
On Thursday April 26, Professor Jürgen Tautz will compare the honeybee to mammals in his presentation at the Magdeburg Zoo. The key skills of the honeybees that resulted in their success have a striking resemblance to the evolutionary inventions of another group of animals, the mammals. In their division of labor, cooperation and communication the honeybee colonies have attained a top position in the animal kingdom.
On Thursday March 1, Christoph Bauer, teacher at the German "Deutschhaus" High School in Würzburg, will present the HOBOS e-Learning project in South Tyrol. His lecture is part of a seminar imparting didactical and methodical concepts in favor of a European network. The lecture is set up for all types of schools and will show them how to make best and efficient use of new media and e-Learning in the classroom.
This Saturday Professor Tautz will present HOBOS at the Nationwide Student Council Biology at the University of Würzburg. Different Student Councils throughout Germany will meet to discuss the new developments in research and teaching.
This year's conference for itinerant teachers at Hotel Steinberger will be characterized by the honeybee. Different workshops will be offered, along with various reports and speeches, including Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz from Würzburg among others.
- 10/26/2011
Bee Station Würzburg University
HOBOS Used by 75 Students of the Wolffkeel Middle School in Würzburg
From Monday to Wednesday three 6th grade classes of the Wolffkeel Middle School will work at the Bee Station. Three hours each are reserved for the students to busy themselves with the honeybees and to exploit the resources of the HOBOS platform. Head of Seminar Alexander Röhrer made this hands-on work possible.
10/16/2011 11:45
Frankfurt Main - Frankfurt Book Fair
In Hall 4.2 (Education) on the stage of "Education Hot Spots" the members of BEEgroup will present their HOBOS project to the public and professional audience of the Frankfurt Book Fair. This stage is primarily meant for digital products and solutions. The BEEgroup will illustrate the concept of the learner's portal and will broadcast live from its examination hive. This is a novel option to learn and teach Biology, Math, Geography, Physics and more school and university subjects.
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