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HOBOS is offered globally via the internet as a service for the growing demand for skills and knowledge regarding the complexity of life. The future of humankind depends on the intelligent treatment of the biosphere based on understanding—the teaching of which cannot begin early enough.

 What is HOBOS? (HOneyBee Online Studies)

HOBOS is an internet portal, giving access into the life of a honey bee colony for the purpose of education and research. Honey bees are key organisms for understanding aspects of behaviour, ecology and agriculture. 

 Who can benefit from HOBOS?

Schools are the main target audience for HOBOS, but anyone interested in nature and science is welcome to participate.

 What type of schools can take advantage of HOBOS?

Every type of school.

 Why are honey bees the “superstars” for teaching life sciences?
  • They quickly pique the curiosity of everyone who catches a glimpse of them.
  • Their biology is rich, from simple lessons to profoundly complex phenomena.
  • They are a crucial link in terrestrial ecosystems.
  • They are a vital asset for human food production.
  • Their co-evolution with flowering plants is a great model for evolutionary principles.
 What kinds of observations can be made with HOBOS?
  • HOBOS allows participants to make classical behavioral observations through webcams, similar to making direct observations when standing in front of a bee hive.
  • HOBOS allows participants to acquire a vast array of data from the colony, from individual bees and from their environment, recorded and transmitted by high-tech tools constantly updated according to the state of the art.
  • Online observations can be made continuously without interruption.
  • All behavioral patterns and measurements can be viewed offline at any time.
  • Observations and data can be selected, filtered and grouped according to the questions one asks.
 What knowledge of honeybees is required before using HOBOS?


 What technical equipment is needed by HOBOS users?

A computer with internet access (the faster, the better) and a webbrowser that supports Java & Flash.

 How much time can be spent with HOBOS?

As much as one is willing to invest.

 What if certain events in the HOBOS-colony were missed by the user?

All data are saved for a period of at least twelve months for purposes of further observation and data mining. A video archive, which can also be accessed by signed-on users, stores all of the live streams, organized according to date.

 What else does HOBOS offer?

The HOBOS team constantly makes suggestions what to study with the life colonies and it develops packages of texts, photos and video-clips as background-information to the events and processes HOBOS transmits from the honeybee colony.

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