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Live broadcast from inside the hive (brood box) Schwartau

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A wavelength of light that is not visible to the bees is used for the endoscopic cameras. Thus, we are able to observe the bees' natural behavior in the darkness of the bee hive - undisturbed by humans. In the brood box (bee hive) there are ten honeycombs hanging next to one another. A comb alley is the distance between two neighboring honeycombs. This distance is just wide enough that two bees can pass by one another on the opposing honeycombs. The comb alleys begin on one outer edge and end on the outer edge at the other side of the hive. Comb alleys one and eleven lie between the inner wall of the brood box and the first/last honeycomb. Comb alley six lies exactly in the middle of the brood box. The images are taken from the middle of comb alley six.