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“The honey bee HOBOS educational platform is the best of its kind in the world; I’m convinced of it. That could be the key to a more liberal and scientific presentation of the biology of honey bee forager recruitment.” (Patrick H. Wells, PhD., Prof. Emeritus, Occidental College, USA)

Look, listen and wonder

HOBOS opens for everyone a gate to knowledge. The knowledge around an insect which is of utmost relevance fur us humans. Get right in the middle of a bee colony, skin deep without the risk of getting stung. A user of HOBOS can ask questions and answer them by himself based on HOBOS.

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Column of Juergen Tautz: Bees as pest controllers

Wherever bees fly, caterpillars are severely disturbed, eating up to 70 percent less leaf mass in those areas.


Column of Juergen Tautz: Observation hives – Windows into life inside a bee colony

The large majority of our honeybees’ lives takes place in secret. Bustling air traffic can be observed throughout the day at the...

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