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zum Nachschlagewerk (Foto: G. Vonend)

You observed a strange behavior in nature or via our HOBOS live-stream webcam and you are interested in finding out what is behind it? No problem. The HOBOS team offers an online encyclopedia for bee behavior as a special service for the HOBOS user.

This new reference enables users to inform themselves about irregular bee behavior as well as behavioral tendencies that are commonly observed in nature. In this encyclopedia, Professor Tautz presents both classic behavioral patterns and those that have been newly discovered and interpreted through the lens of the HOBOS cameras. This assures that you are always up-to-date on the latest about honeybees! The respective behavior of the bees is named and explained concretely using an image, a short text and an example. This way each HOBOS user can quickly get an idea of a behavior that was previously unfamiliar to him or her and then continue with their research. The online encyclopedia is accessible to the public and free of charge. 

The informational platform will be slowly built up over the next two years by professor Tautz. It is a public encyclopedia that is constantly being enhanced with new behavioral characteristics. It’s worth it to stop by and take a look!

To the encyclopedia.

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