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Beispiel: "natur+kosmos" und "Bild der Wissenschaft" (Foto: K. Vonend)
Sample: "natur+kosmos" and "Bild der Wissenschaft" (Photograph: K. Vonend)

You have a blank advert space in your journal? Or you want to support HOBOS in a specific way?

Then support the non-profit HOBOS-project by the publication of an advert if it is possible for you!

With a free copy you let many people know what they can do for HOBOS.  

HOBOS is grateful for your support and looks forward to a suggestion or a specimen copy.

The following publications have already supported HOBOS with a free advert:

The free HOBOS-adverts at a glance (color: 4c, file format: print-pdf)

Größe: 1/3, hoch (60x260) oder Größe: 1/3, hoch (64x260)
Size: 1/1, high, 4c (210x280)
Größe: 1/2, hoch (90x260)
Size: 1/8, across, 4c (90x60)

Here, free adverts are available for download. By a free print in a journal or a magazine, you will support the expansion and the aims of HOBOS.  

If you have been running a free advert for HOBOS and want to be listed here as well, please contact info@hobos.de.